Welcome to liberating the queen- Podcast!

If you are new to this podcast, welcome to liberating the queen! With this podcast we talk about women in history whom we (or I) may not have heard of.  In 2016 I was watching the movie hidden figures; I started asking a lot of questions around why these women weren’t depicted in other movies? I was under the impression that during that time period women didn’t work outside of the home, let alone at NASA. In 2017, I then saw a sign that read “Through out history, anonymous was a woman” – Virginia Wolff. At that point I felt like I needed to take action, but wasn’t sure how.

I knew I wanted to learn more about these hidden figures and share my learnings broadly, but needed some help to see how to pull something together without the big Hollywood budget. When I began sharing this goal a team quickly assembled and a podcast was born!

On the 15th of every month join us and listen to a new female from across the globe. Contact us if we get it wrong  and/or submit an idea.

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