LTQ credits the many supporters, below we name a few

Because it takes a village, below are the people whose blood sweat and tears go into this podcast… Roll Credits:

This pictures shows susie on the microphone recording her next episode.
Photo Credit: Josh Gunderson

Susie Moschkau- Producer/ Narrator. I have a passion to set goals, lots of goals. I love sci-fi, green tea and yawn loudly. I have been banned from using the semi-colon, smiley face and “LOL”. I laugh so hard my eyes water or I spit out my wine, I drink a lot of wine. I am not a professional researcher, please don’t take me as such.

Photo of Zombie Lisa

Lisa Moschkau – Head of Research. Lisa was born awesome, got her credentials in history from the University of Mn before discovering that avocados are expensive. She has since sold her soul to corporate America in order to live the life of moderate luxury enjoying avocado toast on the regular.

An old photo of an awkward early teen JMG

Josh Gunderson – Cutter of Fresh Limes/ Master Engineer

an awkward photo of Dan

Dan Countryman- VP of Advertising & Talent Management. Dan was born knowing avocados are expensive. In general, he’s indifferent to them. He enjoys a good guacamole but it’s not going to change his life. He spends his life spreading the important message that fruit is not a dessert. Other passions include Minnesota sports, golden retrievers and quality podcasts.

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