012 – Thank you!

This was a large goal to tackle, but we did 12 episodes of tremendous warrior women! Thank you!


004 – Three Female Adventurers

Three Female Adventurers   Today we are going to talking about not one, not two but three fantastic female adventurers who dared to make their mark in history and travel the world. Spring is in the air and Minnesota; everyone is ready to bust out of there house. The first episode we were able to…

003 – Hatshepsut

Hatshepsut Birth/Death (1507–1458 BC) The first recorded female ruler of ancient Egypt to reign as a male with the full authority of Pharaoh is Queen Hatshepsut Our third episode is about an ancient Egyptian bad-ass, Queen Hatshepsut or as we call her Queen H. She is attributed to being one Egypt’s greatest and longest rulers.  Somewhere in…