Now Available on RadioPublic!

Liberating the Queen Podcast has joined the RadioPublic community! This community is aiming to create a new listening experience featuring content discovery, exclusive offers, and fan engagement.

How are they attracting podcast to join the community?

By committing to pay podcasters for listens on RadioPublic. We are very excited that they are also committing themselves to bringing on brands, advertisers, and sponsors.  Sponsorship is a huge piece being able to dedicate more time and resources to creating podcasts and marketing them.  (LTQ is looking at you Jack Links! please contact if you see this….seriously)

Paid Listens is one big step forward on the path to a thriving marketplace where listeners, podcasters, and advertisers connect with each other according to their preferences. As the content creator, we put in a lot of work researching and recording. This work pales in comparison to the recognition these women deserve.  In an effort to gain more exposure and ensure our Queens are getting the attention they deserve we always strive to get the word out! Happy Listening!

Please see the link below to find us on RadioPublic or take a look at our schedule page to see what is coming up next!