Count Down to Ida B Wells!

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Susie Moschkau – Host of Liberating the Queen Podcast

Iola princess of the press

We have finished the final recording for Ida B. Wells and begun to countdown to February 15th. So, there is a lot of information on Ida, she was a journalist/activist/writer/editor. Because she created a lot material for us to examine and use as resources, we were able to tell her story in her ¬†own words. Materials from our past can serve as a portal to our future, hence it is important to learn from the past and evolve. Yesterday’s racial tension still haunt us today and Ida’s fight for racial equality as it relates to economic status is relevant in our present days news.

Ida was fierce and had the respect of Fredrick Douglas, Susan B. Anthony, President Willam McKinley and many more. She was included in many aspects of civil rights, women’s rights and established strategies that were actionable against her oppressors. Furthermore, I am excited to share with everyone this inspirational woman’s journey in organizing diplomatic crusades for truth and justice.

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